About me

Passionate about drawing since my early childhood, I started painting in 1988.
I take lessons with an argentinian teacher: Juan Carlos Cáceres who makes me aware of colors’ weight and resonance.
This meeting is at the origin of my passion for the practice of painting.
From the start I have felt the need to tell stories, to share emotions about what we are going through and which shapes our being.


Marked both by my Jewish origins and the contemporary history of this people, also influenced by a book of photographs produced by Roman Vishniac: “A vanished world”, I decide to make a series of paintings from a few photos borrowed from this work.
They will be broadcast on France 2 “Télé matin” to mark the 50th anniversary of the founding of the State of Israel.

Later, I realize that Time is passing and that I want to work on this theme.
About thirty paintings will come out.
This leads me to make a book on this subject.
For this I go around the world, get in the metro, go to primary schools, churches, synagogues, mosques, meet Buddhist monks, firefighters etc… by asking this question that has become the title: “What does Time mean for You? “
People respond to me by expressing themselves in two complementary ways: associated texts and drawings.

The Time

The Kronauts' origin

The Kronauts, small characters symbols of this theme, will be born from this “question”. They are the synthesis of Kronos (Time) and Chrome (color) and at the same time of the 4 seasons given their number and our major emotions which are joy, sadness etc. in number of 5 represented by the 5 colors that compose them.

I didn’t want to give them a face because their different postures allow us to identify with them, or not.

They will unwittingly follow me on the next theme, Being, allowing me and other spectators to walk us through each story told.

My exhibitions


Collective exhibition

Centre culturel, Sucy-en-Brie


Collective exhibition

Centre culturel, Sucy-en-Brie


Personal exhibition

Paris Country Club, Rueil-Malmaison


Personal exhibition

Espace culturel, Châteauroux

Collection of 20 paintings on Jewish life in Poland before the Holocaust

Paintings on the theme of Memory


Personal exhibition

Galerie FMR, 23 rue de Penthièvre, Paris 8e

Paintings on the theme of Time


Private exhibition: opening

Scheduled for January 17, 2023 in Paris near the Etoile  

Paintings on the theme of Africa and the Frameworks

Video of the 2017 Exhibition

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