The Time

2015 - 2018

For me, Time is not just a scientific concept, it is the sum of everything I have experienced, experienced, will live and dare to watch. It takes me exactly where my inner being wants it, whatever the path.

The Kronauts' origin

The Kronauts, small characters symbols of this theme, will be born from this “question”. They are the synthesis of Kronos (Time) and Chrome (color) and at the same time of the 4 seasons given their number and our major emotions which are joy, sadness etc. in number of 5 represented by the 5 colors that compose them.

I didn’t want to give them a face because their different postures allow us to identify with them, or not.

They will unwittingly follow me on the next theme, Being, allowing me and other spectators to walk us through each story told.

My other collections

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